3D printed sample holders

We recently presented a poster with a fun thing from our lab; Since we often scan samples that are to be kept in a humid environment and have vastly different sizes we printed ourselves some custom-made sample holders on our 3D printer.

The sample holders have been whipped up in OpenSCAD which is well suited to generate them in a relatively quick way.

Since we think that other people might be able to use them, we put a complete copy of all our sample holders up on GitHub. You can download the OpenSCAD files for your perusal (e.g. edit them for your needs) by cloning the repository at https://github.com/TomoGraphics/Hol3Drs. Or you can just grab a copy of the STL files to directly print them, after having looked at them in the 3D viewer over at GitHub.

Any contributors to the repository are very welcome, as specified directly in the repository (and based on the awesome initiative here).

A sampler of our 3D printed sample holders

If you’d like to see a copy of the poster we presented, you can find a 1.7 MB PDF here.