Adaptation of zebrafish gills to endurance training

Zebrafish head with gills

As mentioned before, we’ve been working with a bunch of Zebrafishes lately. For a project on the adaptation of zebrafish gills to endurance training we have been performing a part of the tomographic imaging (the details are specified in the liked post above) as well as the in-depth analysis of the data.

The result of the whole project has recently been accepted as a peer-reviewed manuscript at PLOS ONE. You can find the published version here at doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0228333. Earlier, we submitted a non-peer-reviewed version to bioRxiv which can be found here at doi:10.1101/744300.

A quick rundown on how we got to the results:

Should you be interested in taking a look at how we got to the results, you find the complete analysis (in a Jupyter notebook) and a link to the tomographic datasets of the delineated gills here at GitHub.